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A Chapter a Day

I have faithfully observed the practice of reading a chapter of a book or more on a daily basis over many years. It does not matter how demanding my schedule of the day is, I always create invest in Binance Coin in Qatar time to read before I finally retire to bed to rest. I am not so selective when it comes to what I read and therefore I find books written by different authors, on varying issues.

This practice has really sharpened my reading writing and skills over the years and has contributed to me being a better author. In addition, I have discovered that there are many health benefits associated with reading and that is why I always invite readers to join me on the ‘Chapter a day’ reading routine so that we can enjoy these benefits together. Even with my upcoming invest in Binance Coin camping adventure together with my colleagues, I am looking forward to using my flashlight to read in the evenings when I get in my tent.  

Here are some of the benefits associated with reading every day:

Acquiring knowledge

man holding a book

Daily reading exposes buy BNB you to new information that makes you knowledgeable in so many areas of life. The more knowledgeable you are the better and more empowered you will be. You may be required to use the knowledge you have at one point of your life or the other.

Expanding the range of your vocabulary

Any chapter of a book is formed by a compilation of vocabularies. Therefore, with every chapter of a book that you read every day, you learn new vocabularies to boost your word bank. You will also be able to polish your grammar since you will learn how to structure your sentences and paragraphs.

Improving your communication skills

As I have stated above, the more you read the more you expose yourself to more knowledge and vocabulary. This will give you confidence in your grammar and you will, therefore, become bolder and better when articulating your issues. When you are more knowledgeable and well spoken, you stand a high chance of being promoted at your workplace.

Improves your writing skills

Daily reading will expose you to writing styles of various writers and this will improve your writing skills and influence how you express your issues with a pen on a paper.

Improves your critical and analytical skills

Extensive reading improves your ability to analyze and criticise details. From the previous books that you have read, you will be able to tell whether a subsequent book has been well written, or whether the characters and storyline have been well developed. You will also be able to critically analyze other life issues when you are discussing them with other people.

Improves your memory

It is a bit hard to forget something that you have read before and the more you read and remember things, the more memory pathways you create in your brain for new ones.

Encourages you to be more ambitious

man sitting on the window reading

Reading successful people biographies and achievements automatically inspires you and triggers the desire within you to achieve more in life. Some people’s success stories are so encouraging especially if they started small and ended up making it in life. This can inspire you to work on yourself and set your goals right, working on them until you achieve.

Reading gets rid of stress

Reading takes your mind off from your stressful world and takes you to the world of the writer. It is a good escape way out of your own circle into others world. It also allows you to relax your mind and it makes you experience great inner peace and tranquillity.

Modern Conveniences a Must

I always love getting lost in the woods in a camping adventure when I am doing my literature work. By the end of this month, I plan to finalize on some notes and research for the story that I have been working on. Camping being my best escape when working on such projects, I have planned to go for a camping adventure so that I can quietly and conveniently finish that project.

While camping is really an awesome real adventure, proper hygiene while at it can easily be compromised. This is mostly in relation to the disposal of human waste. Most people including myself have used toilet canisters in the past while on a camping adventure and I can assure you it is not among the best ways of dispose your body waste.

They can get smelly or even worse, leak as you go to dispose the waste at the disposal point. It is for this reason that I have decided that I will not give up on the modern conveniences during my upcoming adventure. So, I am setting out to the market to shop for a good camping toilet to go with a showerhead that I bought some time back.

Here are some things to put into consideration when shopping for a camping toilet, as I read on https://homeworthylist.com.

Types of camping toilets

There are different camping toilets makes. These types differ from each in terms of how they are modeled and how they function. There are three main types of camping toilets in the market.  

These are:

Portable flush toilets

This is the most outstanding type of the portable camping toilets. They are very convenient due to their many features such as toilet paper dispenser, a complete size seat among others. So many portable flush toilets are available in the market.

Their two main disadvantages are, one that they are bulky especially when they are filled with water. Secondly, the waste is stored in the bottom container until the time it will be disposed of. This can be an unpleasant experience even though you can reduce the smell by adding chemical deodorants. This type of toilet is costlier when compared to the other types. Remember, these are eco friendly options, so they have been made to use just a little water.

Collapsible toilet

This type of camping toilets can be folded; they are very light in weight and a bit cheap. The overall design of this toilet is the same, which includes a waste bag, a seat, and tube legs that can be folded though they vary in terms of sizes and shapes. Due to their collapsible feature, this kind of the camping toilet is the most portable of all as it can easily fit behind the car seat.

The bucket toilet

This is the simplest type of the portable camping toilets available in the market. As its name suggests, its design is a bucket, a seat and a lid although the advanced designs come with a toilet dispenser and removable liners. It is also light in weight and less costly than the other types.

How to maintain and clean a camping toilet

I am certain that no one would want to suffocate under the odors of human waste emanating from a camping toilet because it can make your adventure very unpleasant. Even if your toilet comes with deodorizers, plan to add more so that you will be sure that there won’t be any foul smell. Also, carry along disposable waste bags and the powder that converts the liquid waste into solid.

Finally, when buying a camping toilet check on customers reviews and consider a toilet that is more stable and durable.

From the time that I have been using a camping toilet, I can recommend the two that I have reviewed here. Continue reading to see their pros and cons.

5.3 Gallon Camco Portable and Travel Toilet

5.3 Gallon Camco

This is a good toilet, one of the highest reviewed in several places on the internet. I have used it personally and I love its awesome features. One of them is that it comes with a detachable holding tank of 5.3 gallons, quite a lot if you are using it alone. It also has a flush tank.


Compact construction for outdoor use

Light to carry

Nicely secures top part to bottom

Easy to empty

Great flushing


Has no level indicator on the waste tank

Natures Head Composting Toilet self-contained

Natures Head

This one looks like the toilet that you have at home. However, it is made for use in areas where plumbing is a problem. It can be fitted into a boat, an RV or a camper. It has comfortable seat, comes with nicely styled stainless steel parts.


Five years warranty

Easy to fix

Waste composting is fast thus takes little space

No odor is emitted

Can be used by kids easily


Too high for little kids

A bit pricey

Going on An Adventure

I am really looking forward to my upcoming camping adventure during my annual leave from work. I am very passionate about writing and I cannot wait to finally immerse myself in being lost in the woods so that I can write more vividly. I have previously been in such an adventure but there is something about the upcoming one that is making me to highly anticipate it. From my previous experiences, I can highly recommend camping as a great adventure and I can also encourage anyone who has never tried camping before to give it a shot.

Below, let me show you some very important reasons why you should not just go on literally adventures through reading but why you should consider going on some real-life adventure called camping.


girl standing on the lake looking at the mountain

If you sometimes feel so crowded in your life and you would love to spend some time alone from the rest of the world, try camping.  Isolation is really a beautiful aspect of camping and if you love reading and writing as I do, it will give you a great time of immense peace and tranquillity to do so.

Building up self-confidence

When you go out on a camping adventure, you are required to put up your tent, start up your fire and cook meals. When you are able to complete all these tasks successfully by yourself, your self-confidence will improve. Camping also allows you to develop other survival and life skills, which play a great role in building up your self-confidence.

Fresh, crisp air

Camping allows you to adventure in a place with plenty of trees and fresh clean air. This means that you will be breathing in a lot of fresh oxygen that is good for your lungs and brain. Our bodies function much better with less strain when we breathe in more oxygen and the intake of more oxygen in our bodies has been proven to improve the digestion and blood pressure and boosting our immune system.

Plenty of sunshine

Camping gives you a chance to bask in the morning sunshine and this feels great for your skin. In addition, you are able to take in a lot vitamin D which helps your body in the absorption of calcium and phosphorous.

Activities and exercise

While camping, you will also engage in so many other physical activities such as hiking, canoeing, swimming, biking and others. These activities and exercises can be a great way of shedding of some few pounds because some involve burning many calories.

Stress reduction

man on the shore playing guitar

Camping is a great way of dealing with stress. The peace and tranquility you enjoy while camping gives your mind a time to relax and unwind since you do not have anyone annoying or irritating you. The intake of fresh air in your body also contributes in the reduction of stress.

Better sleep

Have you been had trouble with sleeping? If yes, try camping and you will be amazed by the results. Research has shown that sleeping difficulties can be solved by camping. Enjoy vigorous physical exercises and in the evening, you get lost in the woods to light up a fire to cook and warm you up for sleep. Nothing that is more thrilling like waking up to the sound singing birds, fresh air and the surrounding beauty of nature even before you have access to a bathroom. It will even look forward to having another great night sleep.